Megan Thompson

Loan processing assistant I have been blessed to work with the Queen of Processing, Jennifer Valentine, for nearly 2 years and what I have learned is truly astounding! We have an incredible system that utilizes our combined knowledge, efficiency, and accuracy to get clients into the home of their dreams. As a previous medical professional, … Read more

Jennifer Valentine

Loan processor Jennifer is my right hand for any communication & documentation needed throughout the transaction. She is a key liaison for all parties involved in the transaction. She has been working in the mortgage/escrow business for over 34 years. During this time she has made many valuable relationships to help give us the tools … Read more

Ashley Hocevar

Marketing Director Ashley Hocevar serves as the Marketing Director for our team, bringing with her a dynamic blend of creativity and strategic thinking. With over a decade of experience as a successful entrepreneur in the hair stylist industry, Ashley possesses an innate ability to create compelling brands and market a wide array of products, from … Read more

We Are Ready to Help 24 Hours

Meet Steve, a dynamic and passionate individual with a heart of service who is always ready to help. With years of experience as a veteran firefighter/paramedic, Steve is no stranger to teamwork, courage, and compassion. He is also a licensed mortgage loan originator and entrepreneur who is driven to grow and scale his ventures. Steve … Read more